Monday, March 2, 2015

Gauloise by Molyneux 1980

Gauloise by Molyneux: launched in 1980. In USA by 1981. Created by Giovanni Pampuri.

"The perfume that reflects the legendary French female whose bite can be incredibly sharp"

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Magnificence de Molyneux c1947

Magnificence de Molyneux: launched in 1947.

Le Numero Cinq by Molyneux c1925

Le Numero Cinq by Molyneux: launched in 1925. Created by Jacques Vogel.

Molyneux’s most famous perfume was le Numero Cinq, also known as the Number Five, his lucky number, the same as Chanel’s.

In fact, author Luca Turin states that Chanel and Molyneux befriended one another and had hatched an idea to both bring out a perfume called No. 5 on the same day in 1921.

c1930 ad

Vogue by Molyneux c1930

Vogue by Molyneux: launched in 1930. Created by Jacques Vogel.

c1930 ad

Fête de Molyneux c1927

Fête de Molyneux:  launched in 1927 and was probably a very green, crisp chypre as was the norm for chypres at the time. It may have lain dormant for some years before being picked up and possibly reworked in the early 1960s.

c1930 ad

Le Chic de Molyneux c1928

Le Chic de Molyneux: launched in 1928, in USA by 1932. Created by Jacques Vogel.

c1930 ad

Charm de Molyneux c1928

Charm de Molyneux: launched in 1928.